ARTISTRY Breakthrough: Intensive Skincare Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum

The new ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum uses breakthrough technology to reduce the side effects of Retinol, such as redness and flakiness.

Known as “Next Generation” Retinol the Serum has an exclusive Targeting Complex technology that dramatically reduces Retinol’s side effects, but is every bit as effective. As Maggie Pepoy, Skincare Brand Manager explained, “Retinol stimulates collagen growth, which plumps out wrinkles and keeps the skin elastic. But if it’s unchecked, it can produce too much cell growth, which in turns leads to the redness and flakiness. Our Targeting Complex helps Retinol be more effective without those unpleasant side effects.”

In developing the Serum, ARTISTRY R&D teams worked in partnership with researchers at the University of Michigan, who developed and hold the patent on the Targeting Complex, which “directs” the skin’s response to Retinol. It’s made up of natural ingredients, including soy compounds and vitamin C.

More than 1,400 tests were done on the Serum to ensure safety and performance; efficacy and consumer appeal studies were also conducted using panelists in three countries.

The Serum has launched in other markets worldwide and will be available in the U.S. in March 2012.