State-of-the-art Warehouse Opens

In October, Amway celebrated the opening of our newly renovated Midwest Regional Service Center, which features all the latest and greatest in warehouse management equipment and technology. The huge 214,000 sq. ft. MRSC has enough capacity to ship half of all the 5.6 million orders placed by Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in the U.S. each year – about 10 million boxes annually.


Special electronic systems, such as voice-activated picking, tells employees exactly what to place in each carton, at the precise quantity, then produces the label for the shipping cart. Technology from France automatically compresses the sides of open cartons to precisely fit the level of goods inside, decreasing the volume of each carton, thereby reducing packing materials which, in turn, lowers shipping costs. It also automatically closes the carton.

Ken Davis, VP of Logistics at Amway, says the MRSC was designed to accommodate increased sales in North America, and that the technology “provides for more efficient and accurate product selection.”

Currently running in two shifts, the MRSC was the second distribution center to be upgraded this year; the first our center in Sante Fe Springs, California, near our Buena Park facilities. Amway also has distribution centers in Georgia, Texas, Washington and Hawaii.

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