Amway Foundation to Help Migrant Children in China

The Amway Charity Foundation launched in China last month with the goal of helping to provide better living conditions for children of migrant workers who move to the cities for jobs. There are nearly 20 million children affected by this mass migration, and many of them have serious difficulties adjusting to city life or even meeting the basic most needs for food, healthcare and education.










In addition, more than 58 million children are left behind in rural areas when their parents move to the cities, leaving them at home in extremely poor living conditions. It is a huge and growing problem for China.

The Amway Charity Foundation, which started with $15.4 million in funds, hopes to help as many as 1.5 million children over the next three years with services and programs designed to solve some of the challenging migrant problems.

One of the first projects will be building 1,000 kitchens in rural areas. The Foundation will also draw on several programs already in existence, such as Project Sunshine, which works with local schools to provide libraries, teachers and other learning opportunities to children who otherwise would have no access to such services.

The Amway Charity Foundation is significant in that it is the first non-public foundation established by a multinational company under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in China. Jiang li, Vice Minister of Civil Affairs says it will have a major impact on the establishment of non-governmental charity foundations in the future.

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